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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1, 2023 Contact: Brett Doster Phone: (850) 222-8156 Email: Naples, Fla. – Today, the Greg Folley campaign announced his May fundraising numbers in the race for House District 81. The campaign collected $52,772.57, and Folley’s political committee Friends of Greg Folley also collected $77,309. Combined, the two entities provide Folley just over $130,000 in donated resources, an impressive number for a three week start to the campaign. Folley added a $300,000 personal loan to his campaign. “I am very encouraged by the strong support I have received from friends, family, and supporters,” said candidate Greg Folley. “We all share a love for the American Dream and a deep concern for the direction of this country as Joe Biden and woke radicals in Washington have put our way of life under attack. I look forward to standing for our God-given liberties and the conservative policies that have made us the Free State of Florida.” Folley added: “I am committed to winning this race, and I believe that we will have the resources necessary for a full-fledged campaign, but we also understand that victory is impossible without a grassroots effort to mobilize voters. We will be rolling out key endorsements and coalitions over the next several months to demonstrate the depth of our support and power our ground game.” Greg is a full time resident of Marco Island and was appointed to the City Council on June 1, 2020 to fill a vacancy. He was elected to fill the remainder of the term in November of 2020 and was re-elected to a full four-year term in November 2022. Since December of 2022, Folley has served as the Chairman of the Marco Island City Council. Greg is married to Margo, is father to 9 children and two stepchildren, and is a grandfather of 11. He is a parishioner at San Marco Catholic Church. ### Paid by Greg Folley, Republican, for State Representative

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