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District 81, In light of the horrors happening in Israel, I want to encourage you to join me in prayer for the Israeli people during this time of chaos. The ruthless attack by Hamas on our ally Israel will drastically change the landscape of the Middle East, and I hope that we as a community continue to stand with them in solidarity and strength as they fight to destroy the terrorists responsible for killing hundreds of innocents. Out of respect for the lives lost in the attack, I want to focus most of this newsletter on our support for Israel and those impacted by the brutality. Thank you for reading.

First Naples Baptist Church Group Returns Home

For those of you who did not know, about 50 members of First Naples Baptist Church were stuck in Israel during the attacks and were delayed in returning home. Thankfully, the group is safe and has returned to the United States, but Pastor Alan Brumback, who led the trip, shared some impactful insight into their situation in Tel Aviv.

“This is definitely not the trip we had planned out, but boy, is it a test of faith,” said Pastor Alan Brumback. “Literally, just before we started talking, we had to find a place to hunker down. This is what these people who live in this country are dealing with daily. We are just living in it with them right now.”

We are so grateful that the team was unharmed and was able to return home to their loved ones. Thank you, God, for giving them courage and strength during such a time of fear and uncertainty.

Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

On Tuesday, there was a massive turnout at the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples as hundreds of residents gathered to support our ally in the Middle East. It was an incredible showing of solidarity for the Jewish Community and Israel. I am very proud of our community’s unified response.

My Visit To Israel in 2017

I want to share a personal story with the district about the time I spent in Israel and my work there. In 2017, I traveled to Israel in my capacity as head of Caterpillar’s Defense sales organization. I traveled the length of the Gaza Strip with members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Caterpillar Defense personnel. Caterpillar machines are on the front lines in this conflict. The D-9 bulldozers pictured here are armored and will clear the way for Israeli soldiers and tanks to advance into the Gaza Strip as done in the past. I am proud to have been a part of Caterpillar’s support for Israel. As Israeli generals informed me during the trip, the bulldozers are absolutely indispensable to Israel’s military.

I am proud of my work and thankful that I was able to help the Israeli cause in such an important way during my time with Caterpillar.

Respect for the U.S. Constitution

As I wrap up this newsletter, I want to ensure the community knows what I stand for. As a lawyer, I studied and developed a deep respect for the Constitution. The liberties it has afforded us are now under attack as a socialist agenda is sweeping our country. I vow to fight against these attacks and defend the freedoms that our Constitution grants us!

Sign My Candidate Petition!

As I mentioned in previous newsletters, in order for me to officially qualify to run for State Representative in House District 81, I need a certain number of community members to sign a candidate petition. I have been so encouraged by the overwhelming support I have received from the district so far, and I have no doubt that we will meet our signature goal soon. If you want to help me get to Tallahassee, please consider signing the petition linked here and then send to:

Greg Folley Campaign 940 Cape Marco Drive, Unit 2006 Marco Island, FL 34145

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for reading!

May God bless you and the Free State of Florida.

Greg Folley

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