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My Fellow Floridians,

It’s time to take back our nation from Joe Biden and the radical Left. We must restore the conservative and traditional values at the heart of our great nation. We just celebrated Memorial Day, where we honored and remembered those who died to defend America and the freedoms we enjoy here. These brave men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice because they believed our country was worth the cost. In the Florida House, I will work tirelessly to ensure their lives are not lost in vain. I will stand up for our Constitution, fight to close the border, crack down on taxes and inflation, and protect girls’ and women’s sports from men. That is how we will keep America strong and free for many generations to come. I hope you will stand with me in this fight!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about the campaign or the issues I will address in the Florida Legislature. It would be a pleasure to hear from you! Now, let’s get into some exciting news from the campaign trail.

My Statement on the Trump Trial Verdict

The guilty verdict for Donald Trump in New York is a total farce. We have entered a dark period in our country’s history and I sincerely hope we are able to pull ourselves out of it.

Blue State New York has confirmed for the nation what we’ve all been afraid of, that the most dangerous people in the world are liberals when they gain control of the criminal justice system. And what should scare us all is this: if they can do this to Trump, they can do it to any of us. Donald Trump represents what they hate most, a conservative political leader unwilling to bend to their twisted view of the world. And they’ve conscripted the court system to try to do what they know they can’t in this year’s election: beat Trump.

Our only recourse is to fight—with ideas, with words, with votes. Nothing could be more important than taking back the White House in November. We will be fighting for the rule of law and for the preservation of our God-given liberties against thugs and tyrants drunk on their own lust for power. This is a fight we must not lose.  

Endorsed by Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis

I’m proud to announce that Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis has endorsed my campaign for State Representative! CFO Patronis, a highly respected member of Florida’s Cabinet and significant voice in the national conservative movement, cited my extensive business experience and commitment to the people of House District 81 as reasons for his endorsement.

“Greg Folley has proven himself to have great ambition matched with the experience and skill to be able to be a vital part of Florida’s Legislature,” said CFO Jimmy Patronis. “He is a successful businessman with knowledge on how to build and establish businesses here in Florida’s economy. That is why I am endorsing him for Florida House of Representatives, District 81. He will be a great advocate for the residents in his district. I look forward to working with him in the Legislature.”

I’m very honored to have the endorsement of CFO Jimmy Patronis in the race for House District 81. As CFO, he has worked tirelessly to make Florida stronger and more prosperous than ever before by supporting our small businesses, protecting consumers from radical ESG practices, and addressing the property insurance crisis facing our state. CFO Patronis’ support means a great deal to my campaign, and I look forward to working closely with him in the state legislature to keep our state the Free State of Florida and preserve America.

Memorial Day on Marco Island

It was an honor to join the community and Congressman Byron Donalds at Veteran’s Park on Marco Island to remember and pay tribute to America’s fallen heroes. Their sacrifice is the foundation of our freedom, and we are incredibly grateful for their unwavering service to our great nation. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated.

Re-Election Event for U.S. Senator Rick Scott

We had a wonderful evening with Senator Rick Scott and Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. Senator Scott spoke to us about his experience in Washington, D.C., and his frustration at dealing with Republicans who constantly cave in to Democrat demands. We are very fortunate to have him serving our state in the U.S. Senate. He is running to be majority leader next year, and I’m very hopeful that he will win. In his address to those in attendance, Senator Scott specifically wished our campaign success, and we were very grateful for the encouragement.

CFO Jimmy Patronis also spoke at the event, sharing more about the need to re-elect Senator Rick Scott and get Donald Trump back in the White House. CFO Patronis also answered questions from the audience regarding Florida’s efforts to bring insurance costs under control. Since passing major legal reforms last year, Florida has been successful in attracting more insurance companies to our state to do business. This is a very positive development, and we have much to be hopeful for in reversing and slowing the upward trend in insurance costs.

I Stand With Greg Folley

I’m proud to share with the district that I have the support of Dennis Sanders. As an Ambassador for the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, he has complete faith in my leadership and knows I will use my extensive experience in business to get things done for Floridians in the Florida State House. Listen to Dennis give his support to the campaign by clicking the video that appears on my Facebook page.

You Are Invited!

We are pleased to invite you to an upcoming Meet & Greet reception in support of Greg Folley for State House District 81. We hope you will join us for an exciting evening at STIX Sushi & Seafood Restaurant on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, from 5 to 7 p.m.

WHERE: STIX Sushi & Seafood Restaurant | 4221 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112

WHEN: Tuesday, June 4, 2024, from 5 to 7 p.m.

This is your chance to meet me in person, hear about my vision for House District 81, and discuss the important issues facing our community. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to engage with the campaign! Donations are encouraged but not required.

Thank you for reading this weekly newsletter from the campaign trail! Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to serving you in the Florida Legislature very soon.

Hope you have a good weekend!


Greg Folley

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