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My Fellow Floridians,

As we head into the weekend, I want to wish each of you a relaxing and enjoyable time with family and friends. Thank you for your continued support, and l look forward to seeing everyone at the Naples parade on July 4th. This week was full of game-changing moments for our district, state, and nation. From my fight against the establishment and for our Constitutional liberties here in Naples to last night’s pivotal presidential debate, we have a lot of excitement ahead of us as we approach election day.

I hope you will stand with me on August 20th to take on the radical Left and put an end to their insanity. We must join together in this fight in order to secure a brighter future for America. As the most pro-Trump conservative candidate in this race for House District 81, I urge you to pledge your support to my campaign so we can cross the finish line with a victory. Together, we can get our nation back on the path of greatness

ICYMI: My Statement on the City of Naples’ Restrictions for Political Campaigns and Committees in the July 4th Parade

On Tuesday, I made a statement on the City of Naples’ 2024 proposed restrictions for political campaigns and committees in the Naples July 4th Parade. To combat this infringement of the government on our Constitutional liberties, we obtained able counsel, former City Attorney Jim Fox, who communicated with the Naples City Attorney and informed him that we would go to court to vindicate our rights and those of all candidates similarly impacted, as well as the rights of all citizens whose rights were impacted by this arbitrary and unconstitutional set of rules if they were not repealed immediately. I’m pleased to share that the City of Naples quickly reversed its decision on the matter. City officials made the right decision in keeping with the spirit of our Founding Fathers.

My efforts to fight back against the establishment and defend our freedoms were reported on by state and local news outlets.

See coverage by Florida Politics here.

See coverage by NBC2 here.

See coverage by ABC7 here.


I hope you will join us in exercising your First Amendment rights by marching with my campaign in the Naples 4th of July Parade.

Please meet us at 9:30 a.m. at Block 2 on 11th Ave South between 4th Street S and 5th Street S. We look forward to seeing you there!


Team Folley Event at the Hilton Naples

Team Folley had a triumphant event at the Hilton Naples on Tuesday! It was great to have Collier County School Board members Tim Moshier and Jerry Rutherford, Keith Flaugh, Republican State Committeewoman JoAnn DeBartolo, and Bob Brown of the Collier County 10-13 Club in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came out to show support for the campaign!


Endorsement Alerts!

This week, I was proud to receive endorsements from Collier County School Board Member Tim Moshier and Keith Flaugh, the CEO and Founder of Florida Citizens Alliance.

I consider it an honor to have these incredible endorsements in this race for the Florida House. Both of these Florida-first leaders are working hard to champion education and improve the lives of our students and their families. I’m very appreciative of their support!

Please read School Board Member Tim Moshier’s statement of support below:

“I would like to fully endorse Greg Folley for State Representative in House District 81,” said School Board Member Tim Moshier. “Having worked with Greg when we worked together campaigning on Marco Island during each of our elections in 2022, we got to know each other. His background in industry, military, and law prepares him for the task at hand. His success and life experience have made him well suited to take on the legislative role in Tallahassee and bring home to the citizens the best legislation possible for his community.”


We Must Close Our Border!

Our nation continues to suffer at the hands of criminals who should NOT be inside our borders. The horrible stories from Texas and elsewhere demonstrate the utter failure of Joe Biden’s open border. We have lost our security and are losing our country.


Support Florida’s State Guard deployment to the Texas border.

Repeal in-state college tuition for illegals.

Exclude illegal immigrants from any government assistance program.

Sue the federal government for shortfalls in Florida’s state budget due to the housing, healthcare, and education of illegal immigrants.

Increase funding and equipment for illegal immigrant task forces.

Increase penalties for human and fentanyl trafficking.


Please stand with me in this fight to close our border, crack down on human and drug trafficking, and hold our government accountable. Our time is now!


Get a Free Team Folley Yard Sign!

If you want more freedom, less government, and lower taxes, contact us at Leave your home or business address and request a Team Folley yard sign. We will plant one for you! It would be a pleasure to see you show your support for the most pro-Trump conservative candidate in this race for State House District 81. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for reading this weekly newsletter from the campaign trail! Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to serving you in the Florida Legislature very soon.

We are excited to see you on July 4th!


Greg Folley

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