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July 17, 2024

Contact: Matt Doster

Phone: (850) 222-8156


Naples, Fla. – Today, Greg Folley, conservative candidate for State House District 81, announced the endorsement of Tim McCarthy, the U.S. Secret Service agent who protected President Ronald Reagan by taking a bullet to the chest during the 1981 assassination attempt. McCarthy made a full recovery and is celebrated as an American hero. Following his time with the Secret Service, he served as Chief of the Orland Park Police Department in Illinois for 26 years.

Like Tim, Greg also served President Reagan, holding a position on his White House staff. They have developed a friendship over the past few years as Tim is a regular visitor to Marco Island and he has been invited to address citizens and police officers by Greg and Marco Island Police Chief Tracy Frazzano.

“Greg Folley and I both had the honor of serving under President Ronald Reagan’s leadership in the White House,” said Tim McCarthy. “Reagan led our nation with strength and dignity second to none and was an unwavering warrior for freedom. He also believed in unity, which is something the U.S. has failed to achieve under the current administration in Washington. Greg Folley knows that we’ve reached a turning point here in America and that the time to fight for the future of our nation is now. It is critical that we continue to elect more leaders like Greg to office who understand what it truly means to love and serve our country. I’m proud to announce my support for him in his race for State Representative in Florida’s House District 81.”

“I want to extend my deepest thanks to Tim McCarthy for this incredible endorsement in my race for the Florida State House,” said Greg Folley. “Tim’s commitment to our country and sense of service above self is something we should all admire and look to as an example of what it means to be an American citizen. Today, our nation is under assault on all sides by Leftist radicals who are hell-bent on destroying the freedoms and values that have made us great. But this election, we have the opportunity to take this fight to the ballot box, and we must win. I urge the Floridians in House District 81 to stand with me on August 20 for a stronger and brighter future for America and the Free State of Florida.”

Greg Folley’s spirit of service led him to seek a career in the Navy, beginning with the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. However, during his sophomore year, after suffering two injuries during training, he was medically discharged from the military and completed his undergraduate studies and law school at the University of Notre Dame. During his professional career, which spanned nearly 40 years, Greg practiced labor and employment law, served as labor counsel for American Airlines, and then served as lead labor negotiator and later Chief Human Resources Officer at Caterpillar. Greg also led several of the company’s largest and most profitable divisions, leading teams of over 10,000 employees in 18 states and 18 foreign countries on six continents. Greg and his wife, Margo, are full-time residents of Marco Island. Since 2020, Greg has held a position on the City Council, serving a stint as Chairman from 2022-2023.


Paid by Greg Folley, Republican, for State Representative

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