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Posted by Greg Folley 5sc on October 12, 2020

FROM THE DESK OF CITY COUNCILOR GREG FOLLEY Friends & Supporters, Welcome to Fall in Florida! Here’s your October update on the progress of your City Council! Annual Budget The Marco Island City Council adopted a balanced budget for FY 2021. We lowered millage rates for the fourth year in a row. This assures our property owners will not see an increase in their city tax bills, even as property values increase. I remain committed to assuring we meet citizens’ needs without raising tax bills. Short-Term Rentals We know many residents have been impacted by excessive noise. We’ve been listening to you and we thank the hundreds of citizens who participated in our sessions. Earlier this month, we took a big step toward fixing this issue. The Council adopted a revised noise ordinance. This included objective measurements and enhanced penalties for noisemakers and property owners. Our police department believes this updated law will provide officers the tools they need to more effectively control noise violations. We will continue working intentionally to address this issue. More to follow. City Manager Evaluation I was asked by Council Chairman Erik Brechnitz to review the performance evaluation for our City Manager. Following discussions with City Manager Mike McNees and City Attorney Alan Gabriel, I submitted a white paper and proposed changes to this evaluation process. We agreed upon these improvements and set specific goals for the upcoming year. The Council will act on this updated process at our next meeting October 19. Upcoming Election Many have asked why I’m not on their ballot. Since I’m running unopposed, Florida law states I’ve already been already elected. Therefore, my name doesn’t appear on the ballot. I’m thrilled to serve the voters of Marco Island for another two years. Please remember to vote November 3. This is a critical election up and down the ballot. I hope to see you all at the polls! Thank you for your continued and loyal support! Please like and follow my Facebook page for the latest updates. Take care and God bless! Sincerely, Greg S. Folley Greg Folley for Marco Island City Council 940 Cape Marco Dr, Unit 2006 Marco Island, FL 34145

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